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Balance Transfer


  • What is a balance transfer?
    A balance transfer is a transaction where you move part or all of a debt you owe – a balance – to another creditor, usually a credit card. This is most often done to save money on interest while you repay, since the card receiving the balance will normally charge a lower interest rate, or even no interest for a period of time.
  • How many balances can I transfer?
    You may transfer as many balances as you wish up to your available transfer limit.
  • What types of balances can be transferred?
    You can transfer balances from most credit card accounts, except those from other Comenity Accounts. Not sure if your other Account is a Comenity Account? Visit
  • How soon before my transferred balances are paid off?
    It may take up to 30 days to complete your requested transfer(s). You should continue to make payments on any account from which you are transferring balances until the balance transfer appears on your other account as a credit. If your transfer request is approved, a payment check will be mailed to the card issuer.

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