What is a Deferred-Interest Promotional Plan?

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A deferred-interest promotional plan is a special, limited-time financing plan that allows you to make a specific purchase. With this type of plan, you may pay for your purchase in full within the plan period, without paying interest.

If you choose not to pay off your purchase within the promotional plan period, you will be required (at the end of the plan) to pay all of the interest you would have incurred during the plan. Interest will be accrued on the original purchase amount.

You may be offered a deferred-interest plan at checkout on such purchases as:

  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Medical Services

Deferred-interest promotional plans allow you at least six months to pay.

  • Understanding Deferred Interest Plans

    You may have heard of deferred interest promotional plans, or have one yourself. We'll explain what a deferred interest plan is, the advantages of using deferred interest, and things to know as you manage your plan with your monthly statement.

  • Managing a Single Deferred Interest Plan

    If you have a single deferred interest promotional plan, it's important to stay informed of its progress. We'll show you how you can manage your plan with your monthly billing statements.

  • Managing a Deferred Interest Plan With Other Purchases

    Do you know the difference between a regular credit purchase and a deferred interest promotional plan purchase? We'll explain how each type of purchase is shown on your monthly billing statement.

  • How Payments Are Applied to Deferred Interest Plans

    In this video we will provide examples of how your payments will be applied to your regular credit card and promotional plan balances.

  • What Happens at the End of a Deferred Interest Plan?

    This video explains what happens at the end of your deferred interest promotional plan and how it transitions to your regular credit card balance.

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Deferred-Interest Plans & Your Monthly Statement

If you have a promotional plan, look for information about your balance, promotional plan expiration date, accrued interest and more in the "Details of your plans" section of your monthly billing statement. View Your Statements

How to Read "Details of your plans" on a Statement

Making Deferred-Interest Plan Payments

When you make a payment on your credit card account, your payment is applied to your total account balance, including your revolving account balance, deferred-interest promotional plan, and any other plans associated with your account. The amount applied to your revolving account and deferred-interest plan is based on your plan balance(s). When a deferred-interest plan is nearing its expiration date, and you pay more than the required minimum payment due, the additional amount is applied to the soon-to-be-expired plan

Note: To avoid paying total accrued interest charges, you must pay the balance of your deferred-interest plan(s) in full by each plan's expiration date.

Extra Deferred-Interest Plan Payments

To pay extra toward a deferred-interest promotional plan, please make your payment online and follow up with a call to Customer Care at 1-888-724-6649 (TDD/TTY: 1-888-819-1918).

Note: If your deferred-interest plan is expiring in 60 days or less, and you pay more than the required minimum payment due, the additional amount is applied to the soon-to-be-expired plan.

View Your Statements

Deferred-Interest Promotional Plan FAQs