FlexPay on your HSN Credit Card

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HSN offers FlexPay as a convenient way to shop, letting you easily divide your purchases into monthly payments. This page provides answers to common FlexPay questions, an example of FlexPay on your HSN Card statement and links to more information on HSN.com.

Where can I view and manage FlexPay purchases?

View and manage your FlexPay purchases by visiting HSN.com. FlexPay Specialists can also be reached at 1-800-404-8533.

Where can I find FlexPay on my HSN Card statements?

Your statement will have a limited description about your purchases and FlexPayments in the "Details of your transactions" section. Visit Statements

Example statement section with FlexPayments:


  • How does FlexPay work?

    Choose the FlexPay option on any eligible item. You get your purchase right away and don't have to pay the full amount upfront. With FlexPay, billing is split into multiple, smaller payments, over two or more months.* It's Easy. Get full details on HSN.com.

  • What should I do if I have a FlexPay question?

    Take your pick from these options: 

  • Why can't my FlexPay installment go on my HSN Card?

    Here are two of the most common reasons why your FlexPay installment may not have been charged to your HSN Card: 

    • You've reached your credit limit. If that's the case, you'll simply need to use another card for your FlexPayment. HSN will contact you for an alternate payment option.
    • You may have used a different card for your purchase. Check another credit card statement to see if you used that card. You can also sign in to your HSN account to check your FlexPayment orders by month.

    ExtraFlex is an HSN Cardholder exclusive benefit. Receive an extra FlexPayment on select items when using your HSN Card. Items that qualify for VIP Financing will not be eligible for ExtraFlex.

  • Why don't I see a FlexPayment on my HSN Card statement?

    If you used a debit card, PayPal account or a different card than your HSN Card, your FlexPayments will not be available for viewing on your HSN Card statement or on Account Center.

    For more help: 

    • Talk to a FlexPay Eligibility Specialist at 1-800-404-8533 
    • Write HSN at HSN Interactive LLC, Attn: Customer Service, 1 HSN Drive, St. Petersburg, FL 33729

    FlexPay is offered and administered by HSN. Comenity Capital Bank, the issuer of the HSN Credit Card account, is not responsible for the terms of the FlexPay program.

  • How are FlexPayments charged?

    At the time of purchase, HSN bills your credit card, debit card or PayPal account for the the first FlexPayment plus tax, shipping and handling. Remaining FlexPayments are automatically billed to the credit card, debit card or PayPal account you used to make your purchase. FlexPayments are billed every 30 days, beginning 30 days after your original order date.

*HSN does not assess interest charges or fees on FlexPay. However, use of a credit card for FlexPay options may result in interest charges in accordance with the normal terms and conditions of your individual credit card agreements. FlexPay is a payment option offered by HSN. FlexPay is available on all credit card pay types as well as PayPal accounts. FlexPay Eligibility Specialists can be reached at 1-800-404-8533.