The fullbeauty® Card
Cardmember Benefits
  • No annual fee2

    No need to worry about annual charges!

  • Earn Rewards Every Time You Shop

    $10 Rewards for every 200 points earned at FULLBEAUTY Brands. 1 point earned for every $1 spent with your card.3

  • Exclusive Cardmember-Only Customer Service Telephone Number

  • Free Shipping up to 4 Times a Year4

    Minimum purchase of $75.

  • A Special Birthday Surprise!5

    We'll send you an exclusive offer for your orders placed during your birthday month.

  • Shared Shopping

    Shop the brands you love with exclusive use at Woman Within, Roaman's, Jessica London, Ellos, KingSize, BrylaneHome,, & Swimsuits for All.

2Click here for important rate, fee, and other cost information.

3 Offer is exclusive to fullbeauty Credit Card holders enrolled in the Fullbeauty Rewards program. This rewards program is provided by fullbeauty and its terms may change at any time. For full Rewards Terms and Conditions, please see Get 1 point for every $1 you spend on your Fullbeauty credit card. For every 200 points earned at Fullbeauty Brands receive a $10 reward.

4Limited to standard shipping. Must be logged into account. Maximum of 4 certificates per year.

5 Offer will be received During your birthday month. Must have valid email address and U.S. mailing address. Accounts that opened in your birthday month or in the previous month will receive the offer for the birthday benefit during your birthday month the following calendar year. Account must not be in default.

Credit card offers are subject to credit approval.

fullbeauty Credit Card Accounts are issued by Comenity Bank.

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