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  • Lock or unlock your card instantly

    Need to instantly lock down your card? We made it fast and simple.

  • Allow recurring charges

    Lock your card with the option to allow subscriptions to continue, like streaming services.

  • Receive notifications when charges are attempted

    Know right away when a charge is attempted on your locked card.

Enjoy immediate control of your card for security and convenience. Lock your card if lost, misplaced or stolen, then unlock when it's safe again.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do I lock and unlock my card?
    To lock your card, go to the Card Lock page and select "Lock." Within moments, an email response will notify you that your card is now locked. To unlock your card, simply return to the Card Lock page and select "Unlock." Within moments, an email response will notify you that your card is now unlocked.
  • What happens when I lock my card?
    Locking your card will prevent all charges on that card. By default, all purchases will be declined when a card is locked, including recurring charges, though you are given the option to allow recurring charges while your card is locked. The primary cardmember can also separately lock and unlock an authorized buyer's card if that card has its own unique account number.
  • Should I lock my card if it is stolen or lost?
    If you know your card was lost or stolen, please lock your card immediately to prevent unauthorized transactions. If you can't find your card or you know it was stolen, please call Customer Care at 1-855-381-5715 (TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788) immediately and we will cancel your card and issue you a new card.
  • Once I lock my card, how long will it remained locked?
    Once locked, your card will remain locked until you unlock it. We will send reminders periodically that your card is still locked and direct you to return to Account Center to unlock it in order to make purchases.
  • Once I unlock my card, will I be able to use it right away?
    Yes, unlocking your card makes it available immediately, assuming the card itself is still active.
  • Can I lock a card for my authorized buyer and/or joint cardholder?
    Yes, on the Alerts and Controls page, you can choose which card associated with your account you are locking or setting controls for. Joint cardmembers have the same account number as the primary cardholder, so locking the primary account will also lock the joint cardmember's card.
  • Why was a purchase approved when my card was locked?
    When locking a card, you are given the option to allow recurring charges. If you did not choose to allow specific types or categories of charges and received a charge on your card, please call Customer Care at 1-855-381-5715 (TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788).
  • I didn't receive an alert about a purchase I had restricted. Why did that happen?
    We apologize for the inconvenience. This may have happened because your contact information is not current or correct. Please contact us through Secure Message Center with a brief explanation of which purchase should not have been approved and we will investigate and reply, or call Customer Care at 1-855-381-5715 (TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788).
  • What are recurring charges?
    Recurring charges are scheduled transactions, like the monthly charge for a streaming movie service, monthly bill or service. When locking your card, you can choose to allow recurring charges or prevent all charges.
  • Will I receive a notification letting me know that my card is locked or unlocked?
    Yes, we will send you an email when you lock or unlock your card. To learn more about alert methods and setting up alerts, please access the Alerts FAQs here.