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  • 10% off your first Buckle Card purchase*
  • B-Rewards Card for every 300 points earned*
  • Birthday Rewards*
  • Exclusive Mailings and Special Offers
  • Online Bill Pay
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It's fast and easy to apply. Once you're approved and receive your account information, you can start enjoying all the benefits of your Buckle Card account (subject to credit approval).

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  • 10% off Your first Buckle Card purchase*
  • $10 B-Rewards For every 300 points earned*
  • Birthday Rewards Up to $15 in Rewards just because it's your birthday*

*Subject to credit approval. The B-Rewards Program is provided by Buckle. Buckle may change the terms of the Program at any time. Must have made a purchase within the last 18 months and be in good standing to receive the Birthday Reward.


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