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  • As a My BJ's Perks Member, how do I earn Awards?

    Earnings are automatically accumulated in your Membership account and are converted into Awards every time your earnings balance reaches $20. Awards can be used at BJ's checkout in $20 increments.

  • Do my BJ's Perks Awards expire?

    The BJ's Perks Awards will expire 6 months from the date issued. Once expired, BJ's Perks Awards cannot be reissued.

  • Who else can redeem my awards?

    Awards are connected to the Primary cardholder's Membership number. BJ's Primary and Household Members may share a Member number. In this case, the Household Member and any Authorized Buyers on the credit card account will be prompted to redeem Awards during checkout on or at the register in-Club.

  • How often is my Awards balance and earnings updated on Account Center?

    Total Awards and earnings may not be reflected immediately. It can take up to 2-3 days after your recent purchases or recent Award redemption to be reflected within the Awards Summary section.

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