Cardmember Exclusives

  • $5 Payback Reward* for every 100 points earned with any form of payment - use on almost any item.
  • $1 spent = 1 point earned with any form of payment
  • Double points every day!
  • $1 spent = 2 points earned with your store card†
  • Exclusive credit cardholder† savings
  • Christmas Reward
  • Birthday Reward - $10 for Preferred and $20 for Platinum cardholders**
  • Membership in our Style Circle Community

†Subject to credit approval.

*The Style Circle Rewards program is provided by Specialty Retailers, Inc. and may change at any time

**Must have made a purchase within the last 24 months to receive this offer. Account opened in your birthday month or in the previous month will receive the birthday offer the following calendar year if eligible.

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