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Credit Card

Cardmember Benefits:

Perk up. Every purchase you make with your Barneys New York credit card earns you points.

The more points you get, the greater the value of the Barneys gift card you will receive at the end of the year.1

Spend more, earn more. Simple.

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When applying for an individual application, the credit worthiness of a single applicant will be considered. When applying for a joint application, the creditworthiness of both applicants will be considered. For joint applications, only one sign in is available when signing up for online account access. After credit approval each applicant shall have the right to use this account and each applicant may be liable for all amounts of credit extended under this account to any Joint Applicant. An additional card will be issued to the person indicated on the application. The applicant (and joint applicant, if any) will be liable for all transactions made on the account including those made by any authorized user.

Your Personal Information

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Why do you need my Social Security number?

We use this information to verify your identity and obtain credit bureau information.

Why do you need my income?

In order to comply with federal law, and to determine factors such as your credit limit, we consider your ability to meet the payment obligations associated with this account. Your income information is part of that consideration.

If you do not wish to have alimony, child support and/or separate maintenance income considered as a basis for repaying this obligation, please do not include it in your Annual Income amount. Married WI Residents only: If you are applying for an individual account and your spouse also is a WI resident, combine your and your spouse's financial information.

Contact Information

To open an account, you must have a street, rural route, or APO/ FPO mailing address, and at least one mobile or alternate phone number. PO Box mailing addresses are not accepted.

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By providing your contact information, including any mobile or other phone numbers, you agree to be contacted regarding any of your Comenity Bank or Comenity Capital Bank accounts via calls to cell phones, text messages or telephone calls, including the use of artificial or pre-recorded message calls, as well as calls made via automatic telephone dialing systems or via email.

Add Authorized Buyer

Authorized Buyers are allowed to purchase on your Account; however, as the primary Cardmember, you are responsible for payments on all purchases.

You may add one Authorized Buyer to your account at this time. Once your account is opened for 30 days, you may add up to four total Authorized Buyers.

Add an Authorized Buyer to your account?

Enter Referral Code

If you received a referral code with your credit card offer, please enter it now. Your code may include up to 10 characters (including letters and numbers) and is not case sensitive.
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The Barneys New York Credit Card account

Perk up. Every purchase you make with your Barneys New York credit card earns you points, and the more points you get, the greater the value of the Barneys gift card you will receive at the end of the year1. Spend more, earn more. Simple.

  • My Barneys Bag Rewards Program guidelines1:
    • 2,000-4,999 points = 1% reward
    • 5,000-9,999 points = 2% reward
    • 10,000-24,999 points = 3% reward
    • 25,000-49,999 points = 4% reward
    • 50,000+ points = 5% reward


  • Exclusive access to pre-sale shopping days
  • Invitations to private in-store and online events
  • Complimentary valet parking and parking validation at select locations2
  • $50 credit towards alterations for every $500 spent on full-price purchases using the Barneys New York credit card
  • Complimentary glass of wine each time you dine at one of our restaurants3
  • Access to personal shopping service through a dedicated private phone number
  • Complimentary beauty treatments4
  • Six months special financing on jewelry purchases $10,000 and up5

1The My Barneys Bag Rewards Program is provided by Barneys New York who is solely responsible for the program's operation. Rewards are based on points earned in a calendar year. Barneys New York may change the terms of the program at any time without notice. Please refer to Rewards Terms and Conditions for additional details.

2Upon presentation of your Barneys New York credit card at select stores, you will receive a complimentary valet parking services and/or parking validation at select stores.

3When dining with us at any Freds location and Genes, Cardmembers over the age of 21 are entitled to one complimentary glass of house wine per Cardmember.

4Beauty and skincare treatments are available by contacting stores directly, as services are subject to change based on scheduling and product availability.

5Available in select stores only. Subject to credit approval and availability. Account must be in good standing at time of transaction. Promotional financing available with Barneys New York Credit Card Accounts offered by Comenity Capital Bank, which determines qualifications for credit and promotional eligibility. Minimum purchase of $10,000 and monthly payments are required.


Reward Terms and Conditions

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Important Information About Your Credit Report.

What is a credit report?  A credit report is a record of your credit history. It includes information about whether you pay your bills on time and how much you owe to creditors.

How did we use your credit report?  We used information from your credit report to set the terms of the credit we are offering you, such as the Annual Percentage Rate. The terms offered to you may be less favorable than the terms offered to consumers who have better credit histories.

What if there are mistakes in your credit report?  You have a right to dispute any inaccurate information in your credit report. 

If you find mistakes on your credit report, contact the consumer reporting agency listed below, which is the agency from which we obtained your credit report. It is a good idea to check your credit report regularly to make sure the information it contains is accurate.

How can you obtain a copy of your credit report?  Under federal law, you have the right to obtain a copy of your credit report without charge for 60 days after you receive this notice. To obtain your free report, contact:

How can you get more information about credit reports? For more information about credit reports and your rights under federal law, visit the Federal Reserve Board's web site at or the Federal Trade Commission's web site at

What you should know about credit scores. Your credit score is a number that reflects the information in your credit report. Your credit score can change, depending on how your credit history changes.

Your credit score as of 12/17/2018: 0


We used your credit score to set the terms of credit we are offering you. In the scoring system we used, scores can range from 479 to the best possible score, 898. Please be aware, there are a number of different credit scoring systems available, and each uses a different range of numbers.

Here are the most significant factors in determining your score:

If you have questions about the factors impacting your credit score, we encourage you to contact the consumer reporting agency listed in this letter.


Your Temporary Account

Credit Card
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Name: Temporary Account Number: CVC/CVV: Expires On: Temporary Credit Limit: $0 Please sign here:
This temporary card is not valid until signed.

Know how to use your temporary account

You may use your Temporary Shopping Pass as if it were your actual credit card with the following restrictions - once any of the limitations below are met, your temporary account number will no longer be valid for use:

  • You may use this Temporary Shopping Pass for up to
  • A single transaction cannot exceed $0.00
  • You may use the Temporary Shopping Pass for up to 0 transactions

A New World of Rewards


*Subject to credit approval. The Rewards program is provided by Barneys New York and the program may be changed at any time without notice. For Full Rewards Terms and Conditions, please see

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